Mar 01 2015


Louis Vuitton Fondation, Paris


Don’t miss the stunning Louis Vuitton Fondation in Paris, an extraordinary new museum build by famous architect Franck Gehry. I went when it had just opened. It was magic. You enter a enchanted world of space and light, gigantic but intimate, where all your senses are awakened and inspired.

Not only the art collections are remarkable, but the building itself is maybe the most remarkable of all, with many different levels, angles, materials, views, and terraces, even the acoustic is splendid. What could have been totally hectic is harmonious and peaceful. The creativity and the technical achievement of Franck Gehry is quite unique. He put Bilbao on the map with the Guggenheim Museum and now he added another jewel to Paris. It was his dream to build something significant in Paris: …“to design, in Paris a magnificent vessel symbolizing the cultural calling of France” Franck Gehry. This is exactly what he did!

You absolutely need to make reservation online in advance to get in, otherwise you will wait for hours. Parisians love arts, indeed! Even if you have to wait, it is worth it!

Et voila! It is worth the detour!


Photo Louis Vuitton Fondation: Martine Mahoudeau

May 08 2013

Martine teaching at her “Cooking French and International in Silicon Valley” Meet-up

Would you like to experience French Cooking and French meals as French native do? This is exactly what we did during our last “Cooking French and International in Silicon Valley” Meet-up cooking class.

Want to know how it went?

Imagine 18 busy bees in a kitchen preparing a delicious meal in a smooth, lively, fun, and efficient manner until we sat down around an elegant table and savor our gourmet dinner!

Are you curious about the menu? We made everything entirely from scratch to perfection:

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Aug 28 2012


This Chicken Tarragon recipe is simple and absolutely delicious. It is one of our favorites.

Martine's Tarragon Chicken

Martine’s famous delicious Tarragon Chicken
Ingredients:1 whole chicken
1 bunch of fresh tarragon: separate the leaves from the main twigs
1 onion thinly chopped
1 tbs of coarse salt (the best is Celtic salt, found bulk in Health food stores)
The juice of 1 or 2 fresh lemons (you cannot over do it)
1 jar of “crème fraiche”. Can be found in Health food stores
Rice (any kind)
What to do:
Stuff the inside of the chicken with most of the tarragon leaves, keep some fresh ones
Put the chicken in a dish for the oven
Sprinkle the whole chicken with the fresh lemon juice
Sprinkle the salt on top of the whole chicken, including thighs and legs
Bake the chicken in an hot oven for at least one hour, or until fully cooked.
Baste it every 10 minutes by adding a little bit of water. It should not be soaking in water.
When the chicken is cooking, cook the minced onion on the stove in a pan with butter, and a tiny bit of water, until it is tender (do not burn).
Cook the rice on the stove, so it will be ready when the chicken will be cooked.
When the chicken is cooked, take out the tarragon from inside the chicken, and keep aside.
Take the chicken out of the dish, cut it in pieces, and keep it aside.
Add to the chicken sauce in the dish where the chicken has cooked, the onions, the tarragon, 3/4 of the crème fraiche jar.
Mix well, and add the fresh tarragon leaves and the pieces of chicken on top of this sauce.
Put the dish back in the oven (still on) for 5 minutes.
If you don’t want to prepare a whole chicken, follow the same recipe and stuff the tarragon leaves underneath the skin of the thighs or chests or wings. It works pretty nicely too.

Serve with rice and a good bottle of wine.

Have fun preparing it! Your guests will be delighted! Bon Appetit!


©2012 France with Martine 

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