One of my favorite days was our trip to the Cévennes. We stopped to gather chestnuts, strolled in small villages, stopped for a grand vista and watched shepherds and their dogs herd their sheep. Merci! – Bettie Sue W

Cevennes – Just a few miles away from your villa “home”

With Martine as your native French tour guide,  you’ll discover the wonders and beauty of Cevennes Mountains National Park as the locals do.

Cevennes – The ideal place for hiking

The grandiose panorama in the Cevennes Mountains National Park, just named “Habitat for Humanity” by UNESCO, is perfect for a hike. Today one can follow Robert Louis Stevenson trails where RLS hiked with a donkey over a few weeks after an unhappy love affair. The Cevennes offer a breathtaking view when one rides on the winding road of the “Corniche des Cevennes”. One feels on top of the world, discovering charming villages with stone roofs, hidden castles among the chestnut trees, or meeting a shepherd with his flock and dogs.

Mountains of Cevennes

Cevennes, admiring the panoramic view

History of Cevennes

The Cevennes Mountains, just a few miles from Provence and Languedoc, have a rich history, especially during the war between Catholics and Protestants (Huguenots) well described at the “Musée du Desert” in the village of Mialet. The wilderness of the Cevennes Mountains provided a safe place for the Huguenots to hide. The Protestants revolt was known as the “Revolte des Camisards” meaning “shirts” because of their white shirts.

The Cevennes had a very successful silk industry until it collapsed with the arrival of synthetics fabrics. Chestnut production used to be also a major industry until the demand fell dramatically. After this decline, many left the Cevennes.

With cold winters and a difficult landscape, survival was difficult. Chestnut and Silk industries were a way of life for most Cevennes’ inhabitants, which can be experienced at the very interesting Silk and Chestnut Museum in the peaceful city of Saint Jean du Gard.

Cevennes, meeting shepherds and their flocks  in the flocks

And now…

There is now a new life breathing on the Cevennes with people reviving the productions of Chestnuts, honey and other traditions, and with the development of tourism close to nature. The Cevennes Mountains make a spectacular–and protected–National Park.

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