May 08 2013

French Cooking with Martine, so delicious, simple, fun, and healthy!


Martine teaching at her “Cooking French and International in Silicon Valley” Meet-up

Would you like to experience French Cooking and French meals as French native do? This is exactly what we did during our last “Cooking French and International in Silicon Valley” Meet-up cooking class.

Want to know how it went?

Imagine 18 busy bees in a kitchen preparing a delicious meal in a smooth, lively, fun, and efficient manner until we sat down around an elegant table and savor our gourmet dinner!

Are you curious about the menu? We made everything entirely from scratch to perfection:

We started with a colorful red and golden beet salad dressed with a special vinaigrette, then we continued with my famous tarragon chicken served with rice and green beans, followed with the traditional French green salad, and ending with a beautiful tarte Tatin.


Red and Golden Beet salad

Love to cook? Love French food? Want to know more about the “French paradox”? Come and cook with me in Silicon Valley, or even better, come to FRANCE with me with “FrancewithMartine”  during Spring or Fall for the most exquisite and affordable sightseeing and culinary experience in Provence and Languedoc that you will never forget!

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