The past seems to come alive around every corner with Martine’s attention to detail, vast historical knowledge, and great sense of humor. My best vacations ever! – Mary/

Martine’s guests speak about their experience

Enjoying a gourmet cookie

“ You are truly the “Guide Extraordinaire” as well as being a warm and gracious host at home… I enjoyed Anduze’s farmers market, Pont du Gard, St Andre and the Pope ‘s Palace the best. The cooking class with Chef Patricia was a delight. Some day I will return to see even more. The villa was very comfortable. Thank you for your easy going disposition, patience, story telling, and knowledge of the area.” Sally G.

“This is my second trip to Anduze with Martine, and it was surprisingly different. I felt the familiar places were old dear friends, and I dove deeper into the culture and history, discovering such fascinating things like the pichfork museum, the unique houses of the Camargue, the Abbey in Villeneuve les Avignons which was so silent and beautiful! I will never forget our fun and spectacular discoveries like the very handsome and talented “Knight” in Narbonne, the fairy tale castle in Carcassone … Well I loved it all, and am deeply grateful to you Martine, for sharing it one more time with me.” Beth P.

With “France with Martine” you taste, live and feel the depths of the Provençal soul with Martine. This experience has been so much more than anticipated, Martine takes you under her wings and soars with you from the blue of the Mediterranean to the heights of the Cévennes, as adventures of a lifetime. What has made this trip unforgettable was the opportunity to rotate in Martine’s inspiring orbit. I had a most wonderful time, merci beaucoup! – Cris C

What a trip! French food, fashions, markets, castles, gardens, ruins, roads, pottery and overall wonderful adventures! You are a fantastic tour guide with an incredible insight and knowledge of French history. I loved every moment!Thank you! – Chris S

Martine, this trip has been fantastic! You have welcomed us like longtime friends and after a few days you feel like a longtime friend! Your wealth of knowledge about the region, its history, France, and the world has really enriched my experience in Provence! Thank you. – Linda W

I already miss the exquisitely beautiful town and region of Provence. It is amazing we accomplished it all in such a short time. Along the way I also enjoyed “being” in the beautiful home, relaxing. Martine is a fabulous tour expert! She is an inspiration to us all and to take home these experiences. We have had a wonderful “Year in Provence” for these past two weeks. Thank you Martine – Susan R

Martine’s insights were invaluable in opening our eyes to the backcountry, wine tasting, and bargaining at the weekly markets. She has provided our group with a special insider’s view of Provence. Not only were we able to experience the “big” sides of Uzes, Arles, Nîmes, les Baux and the Camargue etc, but the beautiful villa in Anduze was a great location from where to venture each day. One of the best parts was enjoying the stories, history, and French ones, as Martine guided our daily trips. I would highly recommend Martine and Provence! – Denise L

Outside dinner in Uzes

We enjoyed our time with you Martine, and thank you for the WONDERFUL time. We were also very happy with the comfortable accommodation at the villa.” – Ron S

Martine, the villa in Anduze is a caring and warm heart from which we pulsate out into the diversity of Southern France, what a wonderful Provençal experience! All five senses and the intellect were fed and enriched Looking at the valley, hilltop tours, pastures with animals; Sounds, one of my favorites, the birds in the trees beside the terrace while looking out over the view; Smell of lavender when arriving at the villa each evening; Touch, fabrics and pottery at the markets; and Tastes, the best of all, the wines and food!!! A wonderful experience! – Nedra

We have had wonderful 2 weeks caravanning to many amazing places, Arles, Avignon, Aigues-Mortes, St. Remy de Provence, Les Baux etc. We have eaten so many delicious lunches as Martine knows all the best regional places and won’t allow us to have a bad meal! It was also fun to share in the evenings our simple meals at the house with impromptu cooking classes and French table manners. Martine is a wonderful host and guide. One of my favorite days was our trip to the Cévennes, now a Unesco World Heritage. I loved driving up into the mountains. We stopped to gather chestnuts, strolled in small villages, stopped for a grand vista and watched shepherds and their dogs herd their sheep. I wish I could stay another week, merci! Merci! – Bettie Sue W

Guests at the Villa ready to play Pétanque

Tired and weary from our flight, Martine made us feel welcome from the start by greeting us at the villa where she would have prepared our first meal in France. Not just an excellent cook and indispensable guide, she reviewed with us a rough draft or our itinerary and asked us for input. From gathering chestnuts to baking macarons; Farmers’markets in Anduze to the Arena in Nimes, great castles, old villages, and gastronomic delights in between, having Martine as a friend and a guide turned a vacation into and extraordinary experience. The past seems to come alive around every corner with Martine’s attention to detail, vast historical knowledge, and great sense of humor. My best vacations ever! – Mary

Martine made us discover places that were off the typical tourist path, showed us a lot of history. Being with her, a native speaker, made situations so easy. We went to several farmer’s markets and she set up a couple of exciting cooking lessons for us. At “home”, there were beautiful panoramic views as we lunched on the terrace. Provence and Languedoc are beautiful parts of France and Martine showed us some of its secrets. – Theresa F

The past week has been exquisite! Our hostess, Martine, brought Provence alive through culture, sights, cuisine … and the most fabulous food, at that! To experience France and return each night to such a welcoming atmosphere at the villa, was something I will always cherish. Merci beaucoup Martine – Michele S.

Martine, thank you for opening your home to us and showing us France. It was a whirlwind of activity, sights, sands, smell and tastes. I enjoyed the trip so much and have made new friends. Again thank you. – Cindy H.

It has been another wonderful vacation with you in France… The house is both beautiful and very comfortable, the perfect base for our travels. I’m not sure I could select a favorite site … I love especially the Pont du Gard, the hikes in this area, visiting Anduze, Provence and Les Baux, Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, and Uzès. I’m sure I’m forgetting something. So thanks again for being such a wonderful and gracious host and tour guide. – Linda P.

Village fair in Anduze

This has been a dream vacation for me, a perfect mix of activity and leisure, history and food, culture and people. I loved the stone buildings accented with wooden doors and bright shutters, Anduze, a tiny gem of a village … the man with the laughing eyes who sells wine at the Caves des Cevennes … farmers markets, … the coolants chocolate …, caramel nougat, walking through the warm Mediterranean surf … buying a “très chic” French straw hat at Uzès farmers’ market, picking plump cherries and juicy mulberries from your trees … gourmets meals at La Ferme de Cornadel … the guitarist and violinist playing haunting melodies in the streets of Avignon, the lavender fields of Provence, the historical village of Gordes, the Chateau des Baux … The greatest highlight of my trip was the French cooking class with Chef Olivier Gulizzi, and our amazing lunch… and the best part of the trip was you Martine, your patience and attention to details made me feel cared for in every moment. Merci, merci, merci, warmly. – Cathy Y.

Staying with Martine has been the absolutely perfect way to travel to France, to take the time to get enough rest, to meet people, to truly experience the culture. An experience I am afraid it will be very hard to repeat. It was glorious to have this beautiful “home base”, to relax and allow myself to be led to one adventure after another, to be able to ask Martine all the questions I had about the language, the people, the history, the countryside. Thank you. A bientôt! … I just have to tell you all that my two weeks in Provence this June with Martine were MAGICAL. Martine is such a gracious host, the villa is so sweet and peaceful, and Provence itself is just one of those amazing places on the planet … Don’t worry about traveling yourself – your new friends in France will be waiting for you there… Just go.– Beth P.

Six months ago this trip was going to be a bus Trip to Italy… Thank goodness my daughter insisted we talk to Martine instead! This has been a trip of a lifetime because of the time and attention we received from Martine. We had little knowledge of the south of France, but in two weeks she has remedied that! She planned and guided us through the most amazing areas where we have learned about history, experienced the culture and been awestruck by the helpfulness and friendliness of the people. I have kept a daily journal just because there was so much we experienced and I didn’t want to forget a thing… especially the food – yum! I never once felt out of the element because Martine was always there to translate for us and guide us! Merci Martine … it was the trip of a lifetime!– Becky O.

Martine, yesterday you asked me what was our favorite part of the trip. I could not choose a day. It was all wonderful! This has been the trip of a lifetime. I will have stories to tell for many years. Thank you for being such a gracious host and showing us your France. Merci, merci, merci. – Greg and Mary-Kay D.

Thank you for this opportunity to see Southern France with the outlook of a native. I had been afraid that all of us would look like a bunch of tourists. Instead I felt more like a relative from the States… This has truly been the trip we all hoped for 6 months ago … – David O.

Admiring the panoramic view of the Cevennes

It was a wonderful trip and we so enjoyed the villa and helping us get around. I have a few good pictures I would like to share. We enjoyed the company and it is nice we are all in the general area. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for the wonderful tours of France. – Geoff B. and Mary Jane C.

There seems to be one delight after another, from villages and countryside to city sights, to the food and the people (who were all wonderful with me and my halting French).– Linda P.

I found the trip to be fascinating … Perhaps what impressed me the most was the presence of structures that had existed for centuries… still standing and often still being used … I was also struck by how not so very long ago social volatility led to the erection of numerous massive stone castles and fortifications… Our hostess was wonderful, always mindful of our interests and helpful to the point that I felt guilty for doing so little other than enjoying her gracious hospitality. The villa was beautiful, located on a hillside with gorgeous views. Everyone we met was friendly and helpful, and very forgiving of our inability to speak French. All in all it was a wonderful adventure, and I can’t think how it could have been better.– Albert L.

At the villa by the lower terrace

I enjoyed my trip to France very much … My biggest impression … was that every day I could travel among ancient stone houses, many centuries old, unchanged in appearance and still occupied … Martine was an excellent guide. She gave us interesting and helpful details about French customs, manners, meal times … The food was great … Add to all of the above my memories of marvelous scenery on our trips and you can understand why I enjoyed my French trip so much.– Kate K.

I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of ancient and modern buildings, the way of life (culture), and the products. So much diversity of habitat in a small area! The history that Martine shared was fascinating. The villa was a wonderful place of rest! – Jocelyn L.

I enjoyed seeing the hideout of the Huguenots and the history of the inquisition … The villa is located in a region where the structures date back to the Roman occupation with remarkable architecture. I found the village fair very unique and memorable, which demonstrated how people connected with their rich past. Local artists with their use of radiant colors made a visit to the regional ceramic stores very rewarding. I was particularly impressed with the food habits of the French people, where different cheeses play a major role … The trip was well planned and carried out with a lot of professionalism. Thank you Martine.– Gustav K.

We had a fabulous time. It was so beautiful and diversified. We loved everything, People were very nice, your villa was lovely. We brought back with us such fond memories. Merci, Martine, Merci!– Teri S.

I just returned from two weeks of absolute bliss in this wonderful location! … The small town of Anduze is incredibly charming, and the farmers market is the best in the area … Thanks Martine for a wonderful vacation. I can’t wait to go back soon!– Janet S.

Relaxing in the pool at the villa

house was really comfortable, even for 10 people … everything seemed easy … the view was superb … the evenings on the terrace memorable … We had such a great time visiting the beautiful area … it was an unforgettable and rich adventure. – Henri M.

I was really happy to discover this beautiful and interesting place … You were very kind and caring for all of us, and I felt really good and comfortable during the whole trip.– Charlotte M.

What a nice time we had in Anduze … I loved the farmers market, always lively and colorful, and the flea market … sightseeing and the discovery of the different civilizations which have lived in the region over centuries … hope to come back some day.– Paule B.

Martine is a gracious and accommodating hostess and our stay in Anduze was lovely. In addition to making you feel right at home, she generously shares her time, knowledge and many stories about the area’s history and culture. Whether we were lazing poolside or sitting reading under the shade of the mulberry tree, or off exploring local villages, museums, caves, gardens and wineries we were charmed by this part of Southern France. Just the right balance of adventure and relaxation. A return visit will definitely be in order. – Joyce

Anduze is old world charm in a modern world. Indulge in its food, goat cheeses, French bread, fresh vegetables, ham to die for and red wine and pastis, … before you know it, Anduze will take a piece of your heart and give you back something bigger … This is wholesome living with a remembrance of good manners, warm smiles and an eagerness to please. The accordion music will make you yearn for a red balloon and a monkey. – Jan M.

Making a memory outside the Château de Portes

The most important part was having you, Martine, as a guide in so many ways, to translate, to provide historical background, travel guide and personal touch and care. – Felyce T.

It was so wonderful to go walking to the village of Anduze for warm croissants and steaming coffee and to feel all the smells of the countryside, lavender, thyme, rosemary, and others … One of the highlights was the Farmers Market this morning, with so many colorful vegetables and fruits, breads and olives, fish and sausages … I shall miss it all but it will sustain me for a long time. – Alwen B.

I am most appreciative of the beauty that abounds in this area, … even in the tiniest little places … charm and beauty co-exist … I loved the pace of life … I enjoyed trying new foods and drinks such as the fromage from goats, so many new varieties! I discovered Pastis and loved it … I enjoyed the Camargue, feeling the energy of the town’s folk as they prepare for the running of the horses and the bulls … I loved opening up the windows and looking out at the farm below … watching the horses graze … Life moves at a human pace. People are ties to this rich fertile soil … they are connected to beauty and simplicity and I hope to keep these wonderful memories alive within me and to return again … I thank you Martine … You shared many of the subtle and distinctive aspects of this special area. – Jeanne P

The last two weeks have been a constant flow of wonders and delights, thanks to the dedication, knowledge, kindness, and enthusiasm of Martine. … I loved the beauty, the food, the stories, but most of all, the warmth of the people. – Clare C.

How do I thank you for your tireless efforts, wealth of information, excellent guidance, generous hospitality and the kindness of heart? – Sharon S.

I appreciate your creativity and fun-loving energy that carried us through all our adventures. – Kathryn G.


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