I am most appreciative of the beauty that abounds in this area. Even in the tiniest little places, charm and beauty co-exist... – Jeanne P

Languedoc – France’s “best kept secret”

The magical region of Languedoc next to Provence is said to be “the best kept secret” where people are still following century long traditions and an authentic way of life.

Japanese garden at La Bambouseraie

Languedoc and Provence’s history are inseparable. The two regions fought each other periodically before both became part of the kingdom of France. Languedoc was a prosperous region, often ahead of its time with many creative talents, and had the highest concentration of Knights Templars, until a number of historical events had a catastrophic human and economic impact on the region.

The Crusade organized by the Pope and the King of France against the Cathares in the South of France in the 1200, the extermination of the Knights Templars in the 1300 by Philippe the Fair, and the war between the Catholics and the Huguenots later on, were devastating for the prosperous Languedoc region. Many people died or left for other regions like Holland, Switzerland, or Germany, taking with them their knowledge and talents, like clock-making which came originally from Languedoc. It took a long time for Languedoc to recover.

Experience the exquisite delights

Today Languedoc has risen as a prosperous region known for its exquisite wines, delicious regional food, beautiful cities, magnificent landscape, long sandy beaches on the Mediterranean, and a flourishing tourism industry. Languedoc is also well-known for offering a great diversity of beautiful places to hike (It attracts hikers from all over the world).

One of the many specialities of Languedoc

sommiere bakery

Abundant choices of fresh bread

Endless discoveries await

There is much to discover in Languedoc, many castles and picturesque villages, centuries-old crafts traditions like pottery and glass-blowing. Montpellier, a beautiful historic city in full expansion, has been world-renowned since the middle age for its university specialized in Medicine. The lovely city of Sommieres is impressive with its castle, Roman bridge, animated medieval downtown, and delicious restaurants. The charming town of Anduze is famous for its pottery, its bamboo park “la Bambouseraie”, the cave of Trabuc, the castle of Tornac, the steam train to the Cevennes, the farmers market, and its historic past. At a short distance the villages of Sauve, Cardet, Generargues, Lezan, and Vezenobres among others, are each one offering a unique experience of charm, beauty, and delight.

Life is good in Languedoc among lavender and oleanders

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