Come with Martine to the South of France and experience the French "Joie de Vivre." Feel like a local and discover the marvels of Provence and Languedoc as never before!

Why stay in a hotel when you can experience staying in a beautiful French villa. Martine treats all her guests as family and will make you feel right at home!

Art, music, history, food? No matter what your preference, it's "your tour, your way" as Martine decides the agenda together with her guests.

Come and experience what only a native French guide and hostess can provide – an escape away from the ordinary.

Sign up for a cooking class and learn the culinary secrets of French cuisine. Then delight your friends and family with your new culinary talent.

Not only will you tour the well-known places of Provence and Languedoc, but Martine will also take you to the exquisite places only known by locals.
You taste, live and feel the depths of the Provençal soul with Martine as she takes you under her wings and soars with you from the blue of the Mediterranean to the heights of the Cévennes. - Chris C.

France with Martine –
It’s not just a Southern France vacation.
It’s an experience!

Experience the region with a real French guide!

Experience Southern France like never before!

Experience life in a Mediterranean villa!

France with Martine, a different way to travel and experience the Southern French regions of Provence and Languedoc

You’ll share a beautiful Mediterranean villa in the quaint town of Anduze with other travelers who share the same “joie de vivre.” You’ll leave behind the worries of the language barrier as Martine, your native hostess and expert in the French language, travels with you through Southern France as you experience the flavors, the sights and the sounds like the locals do. And along with Martine and the other guests, you’ll decide what to do, what to see, where to go, and when to do it as Martine unlocks for you the hidden treasures of the area as only a native French tour guide can. France with Martine is the perfect solution for a vacation of a lifetime with the most exciting, personalized, adventurous, safe, relaxing, affordable, and fun vacation in Southern France, Provence, Languedoc, Camargue, and Cevennes. Pont du Gard Provence

Pont du Gard

Why is a “France with Martine” personalized vacation so unique?

Because you will be…

  • Living in a French home, a beautiful Mediterranean villa
  • Going on daily, safe, fun, and exciting adventures with Martine
  • Feeling as a “local”, mingling with the natives
  • Shopping at colorful farmers’ markets! Sample local food and crafts
  • Tasting exquisite wines, the most gourmet meals, and delicate pastry!
  • Taking a “hands-on” cooking class “ with experienced Chef
  • Exploring Roman ruins, medieval castles, Celtic dolmens, Huguenot villages, following kings and Templars!
  • Discovering magnificent places in nature as well as small picturesque villages
  • Experiencing first hand authentic French culture, fine arts, regional customs
  • Fully savoring the true “French Art de Vivre”!
  • Having a flexibility of schedule, adapted to the mood of the day
  • Being with a very small group (4 to 8 people), or creating your own group
  • Planing the daily agenda with Martine and the other guests. We call that, “Your tour, your way.”

With Martine, it’s “Your tour, your way.”

France with Martine is not your ordinary tour group, and Martine is not your ordinary Provence & Southern France vacation guide. What makes France with Martine so unique is you get to choose your daily agenda with Martine and the other guests for a truly personalized and custom tour of the region. To make it even better, you can even form your own tour group. Put together a group of history buffs, or art lovers, or wine connoisseurs and spend your days doing those things you love most, combining them with sightseeing and other activities. Don’t have a group but want to join one? Send us your preferences, and we will help you to find the right group for you.

Enjoying lunch in Aigues-Mortes

You’ll feel like you’re being led by a family friend.

Martine’s guests said, year after year, that one of the reasons why FRANCE WITH MARTINE vacations are different and so exceptional, is because Martine has such a friendly, caring, lively, and creative attitude. You will relax and feel at home, like a French native, through Martine’s warm hospitality, good humor, and daily personal attention. You will have fun and enjoy every moment, as Martine, your native hostess, guides you through a large assortment of exceptional activities and discoveries. It truly is an experience. ANDUZE-Tornac-castle

Visiting Tornac castle

Is “France with Martine” for you? It is if you…

  • Like to travel “differently”
  • Like the flexibility of a custom tour group so you can choose what to do and see
  • Are a wine & food lover, an arts & crafts lover, a nature lover, or a history buff
  • Love to experience new culture
  • Love to travel, but don’t want to be alone or with large groups
  • Want a safe, comfortable, rich, adventurous, and eventful vacation
  • Want to experience French culture from within
  • Need some help with the language barrier
  • Want to travel with your own group of friends or with your family

Let the child, the explorer, and the artist inside of you taste the French “Joie de vivre”  in a memorable, personalized, and affordable vacation in Southern France with Martine.

Make your reservation today! stay in a french villa in provence

Terrace at the villa

Your dinner is waiting. Time to make your reservation.

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